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Runewars is fantasy tabletop wargame developed and published by Fantasy Flight Games.

News from the Site:

First and foremost we want to issue an apology to the community. We encountered some circumstances that prevented us from updating the site for the community as regularly as it should be. Those roadblocks are now gone and you should see more communication and transparency with regards to what is going on. It's been a long time coming but the Runewars Army Builder is now out of Alpha and is live! We've updated the database and added the new upgrade cards and units for all the factions! Since we've added new card graphics so please make sure you force reload your browers cache if you aren't seeing the new cards. This can be done by hitting Ctrl+F5 on most browsers. To those who have sent us feedback, rest assured your requests have been heard. We plan on implementing some new features such as unit tracking the units you own, as well including being able to build lists from the inventory of the units and cards you own. You will need to register an account to use these features once they are online. We have additional features planned for registered users as well and will communicate them out in the near future. Please feel free to email us with your feedback, issues, or questions using our contact email. Thank you for using the site and have fun making lists.

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